Blogging Beans Identified!

Have you ever wanted to know who the fabulous, hard-working staff are behind the fur and purr? Well now you can! BUT, you have to be willing to join Facebook, AND as a real human, with your true name and photo!

The Cat Blogger Beans Social Club is a group for parents, staff, and slaves of cats who blog. A place for beans to brush off the fur from their sleeves and feel human again (at least for a few minutes). Socialization and networking encouraged (and having fun too). Other critter parents welcome (ie: hamster, woofies, buns, etc).

How to get started:
1) Create your Facebook account.
2) Search for Cat Blogger Beans Social Club.
3) Contact site administrator and request to join.

Must have a pet blog, website or related site (ie: Catster) and provide URL for authorization to your site(s). Must be willing to ignore your fur babies, even for just a few minutes, to have some human contact (even if it's online!). Will only admit Facebook accounts with your true name and photo.

This is not a place for the fur babies to network - that's what they have THEIR blogs for. Have fun - and make a new friend!

NEW MEMBERS: When you arrive, please check in on post titled "People attached to the cats" and let us know your fur babies names, and any links to your blogs, etc.

The actual club is located on Facebook. 
This blog is designed to inform 
and direct you to the club site.